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Overcome obstacles and grow your potential with Karen Pappas


Let Agile Pappas Consulting help you get to where you want to go


Optimize, organize, and overcome with guidance from the expert with a rich background of experience.

Targeted workshops

Grow and explore with your team in any number of targeted workshops.

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Support and advice to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Leadership Development

Make a splash: Model, influence and persuade. Pappas helps you become a confident leader while developing your skills as a manager.

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Agile Pappas Consulting helps organizations and individuals achieve

For Business

With over 20 years in business leadership, Pappas brings a rich background of experience and local knowledge to help your business succeed, focus its strengths, develop its capacity, and help your team deliver.

Focus Areas:

  • Corporate Communications, including International Communications
  • Human Resources, Employment, and Recruiting
  • Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Development and Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion

For Nonprofits

You can count on Karen for the support and guidance you need to build your organization's capacity, board member knowledge, and best practices.

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For People

Feeling stuck or stagnant? Not sure what step you should take next? Karen can help you achieve confidence and professional growth.

“I’ve had rich opportunities and experiences—blessings abound! I want to share what I’ve learned with you, and help you get to where you want to go.” — Karen Pappas

What Others Are Saying

"Her positive attitude teamed with her considerable experience make her training sessions enjoyable and helpful."
— C.  Hucks, Director of Financial Analytics and Budgets
"Karen did a phenomenal job coaching a group of roughly 20 men on the necessity of creating a positive work environment. Due to Karen’s diverse background, she was able to relate to the audience and gain their trust in order to discuss issues openly."
— M. Agsten, Human Resources Manager
"She has everyone in the room engaged and excited. She will bring your organization's staff to a whole new level!"
— N. Davis, Director
"Within a year she mobilized the four global regions, brought us together and we created a global internal communications strategy that was second to none. She also helped each one of us to grow and develop..."
— N. Perez, Global Human Capitalist Leader